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Better U is the only day in a year where you can try loads of FREE activities and learn new skills all in one place. Participate in over 100 experiences in just a day!


Event where you can:Eton Better U 2010

  • try different activities
  • learn a new skill
  • find a leisure interest
  • consult with experts for advice

Activities on this day include:

  • Language classes
  • Computer workshops
  • Music lessons
  • Arts & crafts classes
  • Photography classes
  • Dance lessons
  • Massage & make up sessions
  • Fitness & sports competitions
  • Yoga & martial arts
  • Spiritual enrichment talks and training
  • Professional & Personal development
  • Life coaching
  • Business & social etiquette

Eton Better U Several non-profit organizations will be participating to raise awareness for their causes and to collect donations in kind such as clothes, books, used electronics etc.

Visitors will also be entertained with live musical and cultural performances all through day including dances, live band performances and group drumming sessions.

Free crèche facilities and activities for kids available on site.




Better u
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