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How you can be a part of Better U 2011:

By being a part of this non-commercial annual event, companies may achieve what even some expensive marketing campaigns cannot: exposure, branding and a more personalized relationship and bonding with their target market.

Better U 2011, a non-profit CSR initiative launched by Eton Institute in partnership with Dubai Knowledge Village, is a unique opportunity to give back to the community, as well as reach new customers and prospects and reinforce your commitment to them. To participate in this fun event, your organization must add value to the event by either:

  • offering your services for free AND/OR

  • supporting the event expenses or marketing.
  • Eton Better U

    Here are some ways in which you may contribute to be a part of this vibrant community event:

    • Sponsor and provide support with event expenses such as marketing collateral, F&B, event marketing and organization, ushering, etc.
    • Provide value-added learning experiences for visitors (master class/ workshop)
    • Distribute your products or samples to the event’s visitors
    • Promote the event through your database of contacts. Inform clients and prospects through emails, websites, newsletters, posters, media relations and invitations distribution
    Eton Better U 2010

    Eton Better U

     What you will receive:
     Exposure to your brand before, during and after the event onsite and  within marketing materials such as booklets, schedules, banners, print  media promotions, website, online advertising, mailers and others (where  applicable depending on contribution to event)

    • Your branding on e-invitations , printed leaflets and booklets and on the event website
    • Space area allocation within exhibition area including a desk and chairs
    • Opportunity to connect with your target market in a festive and informal setting
    • Occasion to demonstrate your commitment and give back to the community

    Target groups:

  • Young adults
  • Students
  • Adults    

  • Parents
  • Eton Better U

    Activities for kids and crèche facilities available on site.

    Number of visitors expected: 2500+

    Hosted in the Dubai Knowledge Village premises and comprises of two areas:
    • Workshop area: 30 rooms with various activities
    • High-flow exhibition area: dedicated space for participating organizations to provide information about their products or services

    For more information about participation and sponsorship opportunities contact:

    Inge Swart,
    P: 04-3658483 | E:
    Moaz Khan,
    P: 04-3658483 | E:
    Farah Sarfraz
    P: 04-3753285 | E:

    What past participating organizations have to say about Better U:

     “Sylvan Learning is very proud to have participated in Better U. It felt very good to partner with so many individuals and organisations dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Dubai. ” - Jeffrey Smith, Director, Sylvan Learning

    “It was nice having the opportunity to present our self-defense during your event day. We enjoyed it a lot and I got lots of positive responses from participants in my class. I found the event very well organized. Well done!”Marco Reefman, EBMAS

    “Thank you for organizing "Better U". It was a big effort from Eton Institute and all staff, thank you for your invitation us to play, it was pleasure for me and enjoyable for kids.”Riad Kudsi, Director & Conductor, Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra

     “The Change Associates FZ LLC would like to join me in thanking Eton Institute for organising the event Better U to bring awareness not just to your own courses and trainings but to other institutes as well.   It has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling day for me and my colleague Zarina Halani.”Patricia Kumar, The Change Associates
    Eton Better U
     “Thanks for counting on us, it was great to be part of Better U.” Roberto  Sampayo, Events Manager, BNF El Firulete

    Better u
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